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Family Cars

Family cars by Opel

Everyday life is full of surprises. But with Opel's family cars you will be ready for everything. Because our family cars offer all the flexibility, comfort and safety that your family needs.

Holidays, sports, birthday parties or family-sized shopping: We have a solution for every challenge. You just have to decide how much space and flexibility you need in your life – we have the perfect fit for your family.

New Insignia Sports Tourer

The new Insignia Sports Tourer - family flagship

The new Insignia Sports Tourer combines athletic design and premium-class innovations with the versatility of a large estate. Engineered in Germany, it delivers performance pursued to perfection.  Află Mai Multe Detalii Afișează Mai Puțin

New Insignia country tourer

The new Insignia country tourer - offroad style

The new Insignia Country Tourer is the ultimate all-rounder. Offroad style and innovative technology meet family practicality.  Află Mai Multe Detalii Afișează Mai Puțin


The Zafira - always room for one more

The Zafira is Opel's 7-seater family car that offers versatility, safety, and entertainment.

Astra Sports Tourer

The Astra Sports Tourer - a family estate

The Astra Sports Tourer offers the premium class features, with sporty handling and unprecedented connectivity in a package that is perfect for both families and work. Află Mai Multe Detalii Afișează Mai Puțin

Combo tour

The Combo tour - the family Van

The Combo Tour is Opel's family van offering space for all situations.

Vivaro Combi

The Vivaro Combi - a big Van for big families

The Vivaro Combi is Opel's family can the offers flexible travelling comfort for up to nine people.