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Exchange Parts

Opel original exchange parts

Opel Original Exchange Parts* are Opel Original Parts which are replaced during a repair and then undergo a complete remanufacturing process using Opel Original components. The returned parts are remanufactured following the same specifications applying to Opel Original Parts to ensure uniform high quality. With a price advantage of up to 50% in comparison to a new part, Opel Original Exchange Parts offer excellent value for money. Подробнее Свернуть

Like new. for less

Our portfolio

Opel offers more than 2.500 different remanufactured parts and continuously extends and updates the portfolio. The Opel Original Exchange Parts Program covers a wide range of product groups including engines and cylinder heads, starters, alternators, turbo chargers, A/C compressors, transmissions, brake calipers, power steering pumps, steering gears, clutch kits, drive shafts, engine ECUs, fuel injection pumps, fuel injectors, radios and instrument panels. Подробнее Свернуть

Your benefit

  • Save up to 50% in comparison to a new part – ideal for cost-efficient repairs
  • Wide range of products available – complete coverage for certain product groups and carlines
  • Same quality and same 2-year warranty as a new Opel Genuine Part
  • Opel Original Exchange Parts ensure perfect fit and function
  • Protects the environment by saving valuable raw materials and energy
  • Increases the resale value of your Opel
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Differs in price. not in quality

The Opel Original Exchange Parts Programme may not be the only option in the aftermarket, so why is it the best one?

  • High quality guaranteed due to industrialised remanufacturing process, ISO certification and Opel engineering expertise
  • Latest technological specifications and modifications according to same standards as new Opel Genuine Parts
  • Electronic components are updated with the latest software
  • Mechanical parts are fitted with the latest technological improvements
  • Complete end-of-line test is conducted to ensure same quality as Opel Genuine Parts
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* The Opel "reman program" consists of remanufactured and refurbished parts:

Remanufactured parts are made from previously used components in a process that involves disassembly, inspection, cleaning, update of software and replacement of parts as appropriate, testing, and reassembly (example: engines). Refurbished parts are previously used parts that are inspected, cleaned, tested, and repackaged (example: instrument panels).