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Outstanding look and impressive features



Adventure is calling and the Grandland X has answered. This intriguing SUV draws the eye with its sharply cut lines, muscular stature and athletic attitude.

Perfect from every angle, inside out! Want to make your Grandland X even more exciting? Then add the stylish 2-tone-roof.



When the roads get rough, stay smooth with soft premium materials, contoured shapes and a highly customizable interior design. Make your Grandland X the ultimate you-zone. 
  • Premium materials
  • Ergonomic seats (AGR) for a healthy back1
  • Spacious trunk space (514-1652l)
  • Generous selection of interior trims


1Availability dependent on offer. Opel’s AGR front seats are certified by the Campaign for Healthier Backs (AGR), a centre of excellence for ergonomics. The certificate is a seal of quality awarded by an independent testing committee made up of experts from various medical disciplines.

Отделка и обивка

Выберите отделку и добавьте функции, подходящие именно для Вас:


  • Стильная двухцветная или панорамная крыша
  • Кожаные сиденья и руль
  • Ambient подсветка


Choose from a wide range of head-turning alloy wheels to make your Grandland X shine even brighter. Whether you’re going via rugged road or red carpet, you’ll always arrive in style. 
Roof options

Leave your friends speechless by showing off your stylish 2-tone-roof1. Add more charm with the stunning panoramic sunroof1. Sunny days will never be the same, they'll be better!


1Availability dependent on offer. 

Ambient light

Music for your eyes. Illuminate the center console and front doors of your Grandland X. 1


1Availability dependent on offer. 


Безопасность и инновации

AFL LED headlamps
The smart AFL (Advanced Forward Lighting) LED headlamps1 provide 30% better visibility than halogen lights. This increased night vision will improve your safety significantly.  

The camera-based High Beam Assist switches the high beams off automatically when there is oncoming traffic. This will give you the best long-distance view without blinding others.

Whatever the conditions, the system will automatically adjust the headlamps to give you maximum visibility:


  • Country light
  • Motorway light
  • Town light
  • Cornering light
  • Adverse weather light
  • Dynamic bend lighting


1Availability dependent on offer. 

Automatic Cruise Control
The autonomous1 generation of driver assistant systems is here. They scan the road and shield the Grandland X with a safety zone for maximum relaxation and minimal risk.  

The Automatic Cruise Control1 automatically maintains speeds between 30 and 180 km/h. If necessary it decelerates or brings your vehicle to a full stop.


1Availability dependent on offer. Opel driver assist systems are intended to support the driver within the limitations intrinsic to the system. The driver remains responsible for the driving task.

Экстренное торможение
Система акустически предупреждает водителя об опасных ситуациях впереди. Если другой автомобиль или пешеход подходит слишком близко, он замедляется или останавливает транспортное средство. 
Active Lane Keep Assist

The Grandland X has your back in every situation: packed with cutting-edge technology, it makes driving easier and safer than ever before.


  • Active Lane Keep Assist1: Helps you avoid collisions by keeping the vehicle from drifting out of the lane unintentionally by gently steering the vehicle back on course.
  • Lane Departure Warning: Prevents accidents by warning the driver with an audio and visual signal.
  • Side Blind Spot Alert1: Ultrasonic sensors monitor surrounding events. An optical signal will warn the driver if there are moving objects in the blind spots.
  • Driver Drowsiness Alert1Analyzes driving time and vehicle trajectory to set up a distraction level alert.


1Availability dependent on offer. 

360° camera 

Full confidence, even in confined spaces. Advanced 360° cameras1 detect objects that are in the way. You'll see what's happening on screen, making parking and backing out a breeze.


1Availability dependent on offer. 

Advanced Park Assist

Never fear a tight spot again. Activate the system1 by pushing a button. The Grandland X takes control of the steering wheel while you keep command of the acceleration and braking.


1Availability dependent on offer. Opel driver assistance systems are intended to support the driver within the limitations intrinsic to the system. The driver remains responsible for the driving task. 


Premium comfort

Эргономичные сиденья
Эргономичные передние сиденья, сертифицированные организацией Aktion Gesunder Rücken (AGR)¹, обеспечивают первоклассный комфорт в поездках. 
  • 16 ways adjustable2
  • Luxurious leather seats2
  • Heated and ventilated seats2


1Availability dependent on offer. The certificate is a seal of quality awarded by an independent testing committee made up of experts from various medical disciplines.

2Optional on selected trim levels.

Heated features

Frost will melt away with these heated features. 


  • Heated Front and Rear Seats1. Treat yourself and your passengers to a warm seat
  • Heated Steering Wheel1. Push a button and the grip areas of your steering wheel will warm your hands
  • ThermaTec™ Heated Windscreen1. Snow and ice melt away quickly
  • Heated Outside Mirrors1. No more ice scraping. Get a clear view in no time


1Availability dependent on offer. 

Hands-free tailgate

The kick-operated power tailgate1 system opens quickly and easily either with a swing of your foot under the rear bumper or with the push of a button.


1Availability dependent on offer. 

Loading space

The FlexFold™ seats offer a 60/40 split as well as a ski pass-through1 for even more versatility. Plus, with the push of a button the 514 liter trunk space expands to 1652 liters.


1Availability dependent on offer.



Навигационная система

Современная мультимедийная система NAVI IntelliLink 5.01 с встроенной системой навигации и 7-ми дюймовым сенсорным дисплеем поможет вам получить максимум удовольствия от поездки.


1Входит в стандартное оборудование комплектаций Enjoy, Innovation

Беспроводная зарядка
Забудьте о проводах, ведь в новом Opel Grandland X зарядить гаджеты можно и без них. Просто поместите телефон в специальный отсек в подлокотнике для подзарядки. 
  • Available to use with selected smartphones.


Note: Integrated coil or jacket may be required to charge some smartphones.


1Availability dependent on offer. Only for PMA or Qi enabled devices. To check the compatibility of your device, contact your Opel retailer.

Driving dynamics


A motor that matches your needs – the Grandland X is now available as a Petrol, Diesel or Plugin-Hybrid. Thrust yourself towards your next adventure in a dynamic, smooth and efficient ride.


All vehicles have been constructed with lightweight materials to ensure optimal propulsion.


Fuel consumption combined:xx-xx l/100km; combined CO₂ emissions: xxx-xxx g/km.*/**/****


If you choose the extra smooth automatic transmission1, you will benefit from the following:


  • Quickshift technology1 offers one of the best shifting speeds on the market.
  • Optimized internal frictions1 for improved efficiency.
  • Improved gear shift1 smooths out ride and reduces idling vibrations.




Система IntelliGrip обеспечивает надежное сцепление с дорогой вне зависимости от покрытия. Гравий, грязь или снег? Выберите один из пяти режимов на селекторе и предоставьте остальное Grandland X:


  • ESP Off (отключение системы ESP); 
  • Стандарт (стандартный режим работы ESP);
  • Снег (сцепление на скользких покрытиях);
  • Грязь (для движения по пересеченной местности);
  • Песок.